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Meet Israel and Hector!

We would not have our program if it were not for these two individuals who are committed to making only the best barn owl boxes. We have been working with them for over 10 years. They are dedicated to this program and dedicated to the owls. Over the years, we have come to them time and time again with new box designs, which they enthusiastically accommodate. We appreciate that not all builders would be so flexible. The most recent change was to adjust the height and size of the entry hole to reduce the risk of owlets falling out or being pushed out of boxes. Our box design is continually evolving to keep up with current research. We rely on the skills of these professional carpenters to incorporate this new research and thus help us accomplish our mission.

Meet Our Team

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Check out our hard working and dedicated team here. You will see a combination of barn owl box administrators,

consultants, installers, maintenance technicians, presenters, researchers and wildlife rehabilitators.

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