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Habitat Loss:

Habitat loss -- including the loss of trees used for nesting, shelter and rest, and the loss of grasslands and oak savannah -- is making it challenging for barn owls to find adequate areas for nesting, hunting prey, and raising their young. The BOMP Coalition is striving to remedy these ongoing issues with our Barn Owl Maintenance Programs. These birds are cavity nesters and instinct drives them to search for and locate much needed places to lay their eggs and raise their young. Because of the expansion of urbanization, there has been a significant drop in nesting areas such as old barns and big trees with cavities and crevices, and our cutting edge barn owl box design, when placed in relevant locations, can help boost and maintain barn owl populations in local communities. Studies show that barn owls are more likely to occupy a nest box when there is natural habitat nearby. And owls nesting in boxes and tracked with GPS were found to hunt in nearby grasslands and other natural habitats, in addition to agricultural areas. Therefore, the conservation of natural habitats such as grasslands, oak savannah, and forests can help ensure barn owls will nest in boxes and hunt for rodent pests. Installing our barn owl boxes in specifically chosen locations on your property, effectively encourages a nesting opportunity, thereby significantly contributing to the success of barn owls overall.

Solution: One way to help barn owls is to leave an old barns and sheds available for nesting or roosting owls if possible. If this can’t be done, you can instead recreate a space within a new building that owls can safely use. You can also install barn owl boxes on your property with the help of a BOMP Coalition Member. Appropriately placed barn owl boxes are an effective strategy for recreating nesting opportunities because boxes mimic the nesting habitat these owls instinctually seek out.

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