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Are you interested in becoming a part of our Barn Owl Maintenance Program?


Click below on a County near you to find a Barn Owl Maintenance Program that has been certified by our BOMP Coalition. Please note that we are at the very early stages of development and only have 3 recognized BOMPs in the state of California. We will be working hard to establish more services throughout the state and beyond in the years ahead. If you a business that already sells barn owl boxes and would like to find out how to become certified by our Coalition, please click here to learn how to contact us.

Although our BOMP coalition members may present variable prices, you can expect to pay close to the following:

BOMP Presentation (1 hour)    $300

In this informative Barn Owl Maintenance Program Presentation, a BOMP professional will review many aspects of barn owl natural history, challenges barn owls face and solutions to support them, how our program operates and what you can expect from us as professionals to support your needs. This is the perfect presentation if you are interested in, integrated pest management or organic sustainably.  Here are some examples of businesses and organizations who requested a presentation.

• Vineyard Management Companies

• Homeowners Associations

• Schools and Educational Programs

• Continuing Education for Staff

• Farm Bureaus


Presentations can be accompanied by a barn owl box installation

(additional fees apply).


Have more questions than you thought?  Want to spend more time with your BOMP professional?  Each additional consultation hour - $50.00





Barn Owl Maintenance Program

Site Visit & Consultation    $140

Scheduling a site visit is generally the first step to becoming a client of a BOMP.  A visit from a BOMP professional will let you know if our program can fit your needs, if you have adequate habitat for barn owls and help you discover the best possible location sites for barn owl box installations This service cost is also charged for all visits to perform research and or maintenance. It covers the costs of our vehicles use, fuel, loading and unloading equipment, use of tools, insurance, personal protection gear, administrative costs and so on. All of our vehicle tires and other equipment and tools are cleaned in-between vineyards to prevent possible cross contamination.





Barn Owl Box with Mounting Pole    $450

  Our cutting edge boxes are ethically designed and inspired for the needs of the barn owls that will occupy these boxes.  Everything from the color, size, and shape of this unique box was expertly designed specifically for the wellbeing and comfort of the owls. Regarding the craftsmanship of these boxes, we use only high quality materials and each box is built with integrity and future longevity in mind. We use marine grade plywood, stainless steel hardware, all the edges are screwed and glued together. We apply 2 coats of exterior paint, paying special attention to the finished project’s aesthetic qualities. We expect these boxes to last at least 15 to 20 years as long as they are properly maintained. This is an excellent investment towards your all natural rodent control needs.


We strongly recommend you place your new box on one of our galvanized steel, 11 gauge, 2 7/8th  inch diameter, 12 foot tall poles. The sturdiness of the poles attached to the bottom center of the box, prevents  high winds from rocking the box back and forth, thus sparing the life through wear and tear. It  comes with a 4 inch square steel plate welded to the top, ready to be attached to your new box. This also includes the 4 inch square, plywood reinforcement that attaches to the floor of your box. The bottom of the pole has a 4 inch steel kickstand to prevent the pole from turning or rising from the ground over time. Of course, all  hardwood is included. The slickness of the pole also prevents predators like raccoons climbing up into the nest box to predate on the owlets, as wood poles would allow predation by predators.

Barn Owl Box Without Mounting Pole    $350





Barn Owl Box with Mounting Pole + Installation

This is the whole package!  We provide the box, pole, and perform the installation, being sure they are placed in optimal locations to increase the likelihood of barn owl habitation.  A 50 to 60  pound bag of QuickSet cement is included in the the price of each installation.

• Per Box for 1 – 6 Boxes - $525.00

• Per Box for 7 or more Boxes - $500.00

• A $50 “hard labor” cost is added if the hole for the box and pole take  more than 30 minutes to dig.

• Price does not include $110.00 Service Call which is applicable to all visited locations.





Barn Owl Box Research

We generally schedule box research in the spring and early summer. We highly recommend that you participate in our annual box research. In researching boxes, we are able to provide you with valuable information regarding box activity.

• Per Box for 1 – 6 Boxes - $125.00

• Per Box for 7 or more Boxes - $100.00

• Price does not include $110.00 Service Call which is applicable to all visited locations.





Barn Owl Box Maintenance

Owl Box Maintenance is performed in late fall and is a critical part of box ownership.  Owls do not clean up after themselves so it’s important to schedule annual maintenance.

• Per Box for 1 – 6 Boxes Cleaned or Inspected - $125.00

• Per Box for 7 or more Boxes Cleaned or Inspected- $100.00                      Please Note: Due to the labor intensive activity of box maintenance, we associate a fee for all inspected boxes regardless of occupancy results.

• Price does not include $110.00 Service Call which is applicable to all visited locations.


BOMP Coalition Administrative Office and Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

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Physical Address:

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

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