A Coalition of Science-Based Wildlife Professionals

Our Mission



To encourage the use of barn owl boxes to aid in the control of rodents, thereby reducing the use of rodenticides and advancing sustainability living in partnership with wildlife. This will be done by creating a coalition of wildlife professionals with a shared commitment to operate with the highest standards, ethics and practices in all Barn Owl Maintenance Programs.

The BOMP Coalition will become the recognized authority and standard of wildlife professionals who will run profitable, sustainable, and knowledgeable Barn Owl Maintenance Programs offered to the public, including private residents, vineyards, orchards, farms and other local businesses. All of the coalition members will be certified in and adhere to “best practices” provided by the Coalition, informed by science, and based on practical knowledge of the needs of barn owls.

• Help barn owls thrive by increasing the number of safe barn owl boxes deployed on the landscape, and maintain them for future use


• Lead to a reduction in pesticide use by landowners employing barn owl boxes


• Provide a revenue stream to sustain the work and support other not-for-profit work that benefit wildlife


• Build mutually beneficial relationships with the agricultural industry


• Facilitate scientific research to better understand the role of barn owl boxes in pest control and barn owl conservation


• Help other licensed, non-profit wildlife centers create their own certified Barn Owl Maintenance Programs.

BOMP Coalition Administrative Office and Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

PO Box 448

Cotati, CA 94931

Physical Address:

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

403 Mecham Road

Petaluma, CA 95452

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